Monday, May 30, 2011

in the future maybe i will understand this but for now

i want to be the forest you escape to
i want to provide cakes and woollens
you are compelling
i will remember your outfits

Brushing my teeth I noticed a tile that was replaced in our shower when I moved in & thought about all the effing tiles in the world. They may rot & be replaced, people will see to it.

my jeans were so baggy
my bike was stolen
my leg had a long gash

now a bruise on that leg
imagining all kinds of heart metaphors
where we were skinless
and our muscles stringy & tough
they had all the life of us
and tendrils wound together

There are spires all across the city skyline. There are walls with various uplifting graffiti messages, though the only one I can remember is "vigil". There are trees that have grown apart because of power lines.