Monday, May 9, 2011


you start off as a geometrical point
and begin to expand in all directions

you have a beginning and an end

you are my ears ringing at night when i am trying to sleep
you are the tree that i just stopped in front of and said "i really like that tree"
you are the colour maroon and also the colour navy
you have two different socks on, did you know that

you are the cute dog i am looking at as i am driving that nearly causes me to have a car accident
you are the itunes playlist entitled "aaaaa" so that you will appear at the top of the list
you are a high speed internet connection
you are einstein's theory of relativity
you have my jumper on and i want it back

you are my desktop background
you are a picture with many birds in it
you are the most popular twitter app according to the blogosphere
you are a gentleman and a scholar
you are my 30 day 'freecell for mac' trial
you are my humble collection of bookmarks
you have a weird mole right there

you are every single galaxy except for this one
you have nebulae behind your lungs

you are a universe

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