Saturday, May 14, 2011

i'm just trying to care about you

strikes me that I'm incredibly glad Melbourne is being plunged into winter again

Scottish man talks to Greek man about the guy who threw his daughter over the Westgate Bridge, both wear Nixon's shoes

counting all the lewd situations I imagined over the past 24 hrs

wish someone would appreciate my raspberry fanta lipsmacker

notice some split ends

appreciate the bus driver

teach myself to make decisions w/out calling them decisions

waiting in the corner at busy ass pub feel like people are staring at me wish i had a book to read but nobody reads books publicly on a friday night

these people are stereotypes of people

approach a pseudo-philosophical thought and give up

just want you to call me to go shopping, feel i could consume for the rest of my life

bring up wisdom teeth in conversation ~3 times a day

and repeat

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