Monday, May 23, 2011

where i live

I live in a suburb of Melbourne called Abbotsford. This is a suburb quite near Fitzroy and Collingwood and Richmond and Clifton Hill. It is 2km from the city centre. You can walk to and from the city with ease, but it would take you a long time. I try to ride my bike into the city as much as possible, but now it is getting colder and often it is wet I don't do it as regularly as I should.

I live right next to this old football oval called Victoria Park. This is also the name of my train station. The oval used to be the official training ground for the AFL team Collingwood and some of the buildings are black & white. A lot of people don't like that team and they make jokes about it but my mum goes for them and she told me that when she first moved to Australia my dad took her on a date to Victoria Park. I am pretty sentimental about things now so I tell that story a lot.

This suburb is made up of houses, mostly old terraces houses or warehouses. Some of the warehouses are still in use, but others have been converted into really fancy apartments. Gotta love gentrification. This is a building at the end of my street.

My house has become really good for parties. Somebody once said they like parties at my house because "something always happens". This is pretty true. Here are some pictures of parties at my house.

I do not know these people. I stole this picture from some girl's facebook.

This is my friend Shu Shu at the same party but much earlier.

My house is an old terrace house in a row of houses. The name of the terrace is Winifred. This name is good for a number of reasons
1. Winifred is a cool name because you can shorten it to Winnie
2. Winnie is the name of Stacey's cat
3. Winifred is the name of my friend Erin's grandma who was a really awesome lady

Because it is an old house it gets pretty cold, but luckily I am a warm person and I can warm up at nights pretty fast. It also has a small kitchen with not very much bench or cupboard space which is difficult at the moment because we have a new housemate and she has a lot of awesome kitchen stuff. I say awesome because it seems like it relates to baking.

My housemates are Steve and Ashley. Ashley is the one who just moved in. Yesterday we went to a Ghostpatrol exhibition together and then picked up my bike from the library and rode back home. I think it will be good to live with her. Steve is pretty chill. He likes photography and I just helped him arrange all these canvasses in our lounge room. They are pretty. He eats a lot but also goes to the gym like every day and rides his bike to work.

We have a little courtyard out the back of our house. It is useful for parties. Ashley says she has a bunch of plants to put out the back.

I love living here because the house vibe is really chill. We kinda do our separate things but we are friendly, clean and respectful of each other.

Another awesome thing about my place is that it's close to Collingwood and Fitzroy which are really fun places to go out. A little further down the road is this cool place to eat called Lentil As Anything which is a vegetarian buffet/food coop where you pay what you feel the food is worth. The food is delicious so if you live in Melbourne and if you haven't been there before you better go and support them.

Come to Melbourne. You can stay on my couch, it's really comfortable.

I will take you to nice places.


  1. I'd love, absolutely love to go to Melbourne someday. Unfortunately, Australia is a bit far away from Minneapolis to just head over for funsies with my current economic condition. I'll just have to wait.

  2. Aw, really need to go to LAS next time I am in town babe.


  4. wow. You live right near the convent! I love that place... *sigh* you're life sounds awesome

  5. HipsterFriend Melbourne will wait 4 u

    Stacey yes, it is happening

    Brodie hehe, but you are moving to NYC! >Abbotsford

    Lana, it is really nice down there.. lush

  6. holy shit i forgot about that photo.