Saturday, May 28, 2011

'recently added' in itunes

seagull - council tree

i found this video posted somewhere and it made me feel a lot of things. i googled them to try to find some of their music to download but it was hard because it kept coming up with actual "seagulls". i ended up buying this album for $20 from itunes. i have never bought anything from itunes before and i thought about how maybe that was weird. i forgot i saw this band when they played at camp a low hum and i only remember because i have a picture of it. in the picture there is a nice couple who we had talked to that morning at breakfast. anyway, real nice album. makes me feel like i'm alone in the mountains or something. real peaceful.

Seagull - 'Company' Music Video from Dylan Wiehahn on Vimeo.

every single variation of the doctor who theme

i really like doctor who. the theme makes me feel nice. the theme song and visuals change slightly with each new doctor. i found these on my dad's external hard drive. doctor who gets me excited like a lil puppy wagging it's tail.

the zombies - best of

idk, i just thought it was weird that i didn't have any zombies. felt like i experienced a moment of realisation about this which prompted me to open my macbook and type "the zombies mediafire" ravenously into my google search bar.

sheep technique

eamonn said i should listen to this so i listened to it and i liked it. shit, i have no anecdotes about this one.

24 hour party people soundtrack

i re-watched 24 hour party people again and forgot how much i liked it so i downloaded this soundtrack. played it on repeat for like two days. i remember me and my flatmate dancing in our living room to 'she's lost control'. wondered if i should get into new order.

new order - best of

follows on from above. downloaded this from mediafire or something. turned out all the files were in .wma format. what the fuck. why is that still a thing.

led zeppelin II and IV

stairway to heaven is the only thing i know how to play on the guitar. fuckin' rock dat shit.

some country compilation

felt a distinct lack of jimmy buffet in my itunes.

casiotone for the painfully alone - etiquette

was recommended to me as good sad music. i like sad music. it makes me feel a specific way that is something like wanting to go swimming in the ocean.


  1. Fucking Led Zep yeah yeah yeah do it all. Love it. II and IV are my favs but also III just because Immigrant Song is like the best start to an album. Also live albums how the west was won and the song remains the same. Oh man. So good.

  2. Crystal is one of my all time favourite songs