Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the last 10 things I downloaded #2

Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues

I saw a poster for this album at Clifton Hill train station and knew I had to have it. Am presently listening to it, feels real good man. Not too much like their debut album. Pleasantly suits current (freezing) weather. Want to be in a log cabin with Robin Pecknold right about now.

the Black Keys discography

When I was 16 I really liked this band, but since then I haven't really listened to them. It turns out they release like 5 albums per year and have a giant back catalogue, so I figured getting their discography would be the best way to take care of that shit. Also they were live on one of the SNL episodes I downloaded recently.

SNL s36e11 - Jim Carrey

Lots of my friends are anti-SNL for some reason. I guess a lot of the sketches are 'too American', but sometimes they get that shit totally right. And Kirsten Wiig... amirite? Jim Carrey wasn't a terrible host, but he's so demanding and attention grabbing. I also felt like I'd seen half of the material he used before in the extra features of Bruce Almighty.

SNL s34e22 - Will Ferrel

Will Ferrel spent the bulk of this episode in song. This was a pretty good episode just because of the guest stars. I think this must be a thing they do for the end of every season. Tom Hanks is in this one! And Anne Hathaway playing a guitar for some reason? It's pretty good just for the weird cameos. Also I love Tom Hanks. Need to get more of that guy in my life.

30 Rock s05e22

I didn't realise that this is the final episode of the season. Was kinda a let down. After watching the whole of season five, I'm pretty on board with the general feedback I've heard going round: just not up to usual standard.

30 Rock s05e20+21

Double episode. Fuck, I hate Lemon's crappy ex-boyfriend. I guess there were some good moments in this ep. Three Jacks were pretty funny, especially the bit where the young one goes "we're all going to have sex later, right?" and they all agree. Oh those guys. If I was Jack Donaghy I would want to have sex with myself. Fortunately, as a woman, I can want that anyway. What?

The Big Chill

I was looking for old movies of relative decency a couple of weekends ago (which the rest of the list will reflect) and this one came up. The cast is pretty good, Kevin Kline, Jeff Goldblum and Glenn Close to name but a few. It's about a bunch of old friends who reunite after another one of them commits suicide for no apparent reason. I guess I've been thinking a lot lately about what it will be like when me and my friends are at that stage of our lives (well hopefully nobody commits suicide). Apparently somehow you just end up there, with kids and houses and junk. It's worth noting that Jeff Goldblum is not the (weirdly) sexy bro that he is in Jurassic Park, he seems creepy and overly tanned. Sup with that?

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Hugh Grant, just so charmingly befuddled! Dunno, didn't think that Andie McDowell was really right for him. How was she such a 90s babe? This movie was pretty funny. Really vibed the humour. The passing of time wasn't very well handled though.. or something. But yeah, this is funny, even if you hate Hugh Grant with a passion. Particularly liked the way he and his roommate were always late to everything. Just seemed authentic, like you're in this 'serious' stage of your life, but you never really stop being a teenager/kid/young person, even though everybody is getting married around you.

Office Space

OMG this movie is so fucking legit. Can't believe it took me so long to watch it. Now I finally know what this Family Guy parody is of. Anyone else think that the guy who plays Michael Bolton looks a bit like Stacey's ex boyfriend Sam?? (though I think the actor is more nerdy/jowlsy)

Gossip Girl s04e18

Aw poor Dan. Amirite? Can I just say that Nate is a terrible friend? Is he still a stoner? Like, I really want to party with/do him, but seriously, as if you go and date your ROOMMATES VERY RECENT (read: the same week) EX!!!! Clearly smoking too much weed. I don't like the introduction of this cousin character, but I think it's safe to say that Dan won't be sad/single for long.

Try Seventeen (Australian title "All I Want")

This is a movie starring Elijah Wood and Mandy Moore from like 2005. I can't exactly remember what it is about but I remember that I watched it like three times when I hired it out from the dvd store. I have a feeling it was pensive, life affirming and uplifting because on the movie poster Elijah is riding a motorbike. You can't not be a thinker with blue eyes like Elijah's. Anyway I'm curious to see whether it 'resonates' with me as much five years later.


  1. GG- shit is gonna hit the fan, child. Actually, I'm getting really tired of chuck and nate. Their storylines are stupid. Mind you, they're meant to be like... 19 or 20 or whatever, and the crises they all go through fits a 40-year-old. Especially chuck. Remember back when he was in that gentlemen's club and he tried to save a woman from being indebted to some A-hole? THat was so LAME and totally not plausible.

    And yes All I Want. I'm pretty sure we've already had this discussion. I developed a HUGE Elijah Wood crush when I was like... 13 (but if you hired it out in 2005, i might have been 16) and I totally watched All I Want and i remember not liking it very much, or at least, if I did like it, it was because ELijah Wood was in it. Plus, his then GF was in the film so I, uh, had to suss out the... "competition" (don't judge me). I think the film is about this dude that gets pushed around a lot and then finally sticks it to the man. I think this would have been great for me when I started uni.

  2. 1) I want to download this album. Also I feel like it's not freezing here even though it's stormy.
    2) Dunno if I vibe Black Keys. I remember when Laura had that show on alt tv and I rang up and won their cd and then I never listened to it and gave it to Xinia probably.
    3) Giggled at the thought of you watching the special features of Bruce Almighty.
    4) Love Hanx.
    5 & 6) Haven't watched that season, feel like I probably never will.
    7) I watched this the other day and it was weird:
    8) Best movie ever. I love their group of friends. Hugh Grant is a fuckin' babe and I love the emotional scene with John Hannah.
    9) Incidentally I just got this out and made Hannah watch it because she had never heard of it. Blaspheme.
    10) Not even vaguely interested (but not in a condescending way).
    11) I need to watch this movie wit chu gurl.

  3. haha, I actually did 11, totes rookie move.


    Shoesh, ah it may have even been earlier that I watched it, probably circa LOTR1, hence my Elijah infatuation. Totally get 'suss out the competition'. Totally. You think my 2004 hatred of Kate Bosworth was a coincidence? hehe

  4. At the post shop in Fendalton Mall (chch) there is a whole display of Hugh Grant flicks for $9.99.

  5. get in2 dat Hugh Grant, Alice

  6. All over that babe, babe. Actually. All over all the babes. Just saw Source Code. Lovin these Chris Nolan rips. Michelle Monaghan aka Scot-lovin-bff-turn-gf-turn-wife babe from Made of Honor. Damn. Also A++ banana ice cream. Man. Love the movies/snacks/babes. 11/05/2011 was a goooood day. Get in2 it is right, Stacey/Susie. <3 yr work.

  7. We love your work 2, Alice babe.

    Babe'n on babes 24/7