Saturday, December 4, 2010

that ol' chestnut

on the plane, the guy next to me is watching some will farrell movie and i am watching a documentary about dinosaurs

we are drinking beer and sitting on fake grass

i just watched up in the air and it made me feel incredibly lonely

people only ever want to hear about when you are happy, not when you are sad, but i'll take anyone either way

i am anti-flirtatious

i am standing up on a crowded train and i don't feel awkward

never drink a bottle of wine and then eat a lot of indian food

tonight i cried really hard because i suddenly remembered what it was like to fall asleep next to someone you love

i got home and just thought 'i don't want to be here'


  1. I'm not sure what that was intended to be, but to me, it was beautiful poetry.

  2. It's nice when it turns out that way.

  3. It's funny because a lot of Indian restaurants are BYO

  4. i like this
    you should send me something for
    i mean
    if you want