Friday, December 31, 2010

Why I Love Susie: Part 3

Last night I was feeling pretty bummed out so I decided to get out my old notebooks and old letters from Susie.

Me and Susie have been friends for roughly 5 years. In this time we have sent a lot of packages to one another due to the fact that there is an ocean between us. I txt Susie saying: "I am going through all the stuff you have sent me. I love you. I am getting emotional lol". Me and Susie have said we should stop using 'lol' but I just can't, feel like it adds a lot to that message. The following is an excerpt from one of Susie's letters:

"Dear Chan Marshall,

Yours is the kind of music I'll listen to when I'm 36 and want to teach my kids stuff. Like my mum did with Joan Armatrading, is that okay? Right now I can smell bananas and I can hear the morning, you know, even though I don't live near the sea, I can hear it in the hollow breeze. There really is such a thing as a hollow breeze, you know it. Holds promises. Promises of another day. And just a day is enough. That's all we can ask for anyhow.

You're like a teleporter, did you know?"

I understand but I don't agree with this theorem. A wine glass clearly has two halves, the handle and the, erm, bit that the wine goes in. You are absurd.

Also, Happy NY. Thank you for reading our blog in 2010. We really appreciate it. I want to hug each and every one of you and maybe kiss you full on the mouth if you'll let me. See you in 2011.

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