Wednesday, December 29, 2010

i am alone and i read internet things and think about myself and try

I just read about Robert Downey Jnr on wikipedia. I have always found him attractive. When I think of him I think "I want to see Due Date" then I think "me and so-and-so were meant to see it but now I bet I won't see him for a while" I consider txting him to organise the movie anyway. I think "he looks a bit like RDJ" (I think the acronym) then I remember that comedy band I saw at Will Ma manor with someone else when we went together and how I wore my pinafore and I was freezing and he only kissed me goodbye and did not walk me all the way home. I wonder if I could publish this as 'bad poetry' on the blog and whether I would take out people's names and whether these thoughts are poetic at all, could people care about this?

one day I woke up with scratches behind my ear
first I thought it was a rash
then I thought maybe I had been raped and drugged

I do not have sharp nails and
I do not have a cat but
I have a bracelet made of peg wires
I guess I sleep with my hands behind my neck

I kept my hair down because people exclaimed
I like that they thought "stuff" about my neck
I liked to touch the scratches
they were a mystery to me

I liked that maybe I would have interesting mysterious neck scars
The scars seemed like a gift
I like all the scars that I have
There are scars on my left arm because I am right handed


  1. "I think the acronym" lol

    I don't actually care for RDJ. He seems weirdly nonchalant.

  2. i really like your writing. probably the only blog i'm still interested in.

  3. also this is presumptous and unsolicited but melbourne boys are kind of dickheads. the ones i met anyway

  4. i want to see due date cos there's a french bulldog in a cone. Fuck. Yeah. Bulldogs.

  5. aw shucks. yeah most of my close friends in melbourne have moved from other places. I mostly just delude myself about friendships with boys and then have some sort of tragic realisation about the reality of these friendships, recalling how I constantly delude myself