Wednesday, December 22, 2010


i closed my laptop
i rang a friend
i cried

my friend and i walked
we talked about memory and atheism
we smoked

our tofu was silken and delicious
we did not finish our food
we left a $3.60 tip

we are the same kind of interested in each other


  1. this is really lovely.

    It was good to see you the other day! sorry about awkwardly having to get off train as soon as i saw you.
    Hope you have a merry christmas :)

  2. i like this. i felt very calm while reading/rereading it.

  3. love how you tagged this bad poetry too. actually, it's not bad at all

  4. thanks ya'll.

    Twas nice seeing you too Tilly! It's hard to maintain general elegance when the threat of being captured on a train is involved - I understand the difficulty! You enjoy your 'festive' season too =)

    I use the tag bad poetry when I feel angry with myself about the emotions I'm expressing or am unhappy with myself. Also it's a safeguard, just in case other people really do dislike it.