Monday, December 27, 2010

the romantic by poncho peligroso

the romantic by poncho peligroso is 92 pages of a pdf

it starts with a poem called 'epilogue, part 1' and then a little later there is 'epilogue, part 2'
in these there are things like:

"i wanted you to always be just about to leave
I wanted you to always be lit by the setting sun"

"i like being around you and talking to you"

feel like i can relate to these feelings, which is good when you are reading poetry, i think.

it goes through poems written in each month of the year. in may he writes a poem called 'baby, you got it all' and i like it because it uses the word jurisdiction and talks about owning someone's heart but not really owning it.

sometimes he talks about modern things like emoticons and facebook and wireless keyboards and blog stats and fail as a verb.

he says:

"i want to fall so in love
that i can feel myself getting dumber"

sometimes he is funny

he uses 'lol' once

there are less poems about romance than i think there is going to be considering the title

scrolling down this pdf document is hurting my wrist

he has a poem called 'determinism is the only philosophical concept that i worry about on a regular basis'. i can dig this. i remember in my psych class when the tutor said, "hate to break it to you but we actually have no free will" and everyone was really shocked. in his poem he talks about how the idea of fate is both comforting and terrifying. he uses the term 'confirmation bias'. he says that life is structured like a river.

in august he writes a poem called 'i want to have unprotected sex with you forever' which is about giving into our biological urges probably. he says 'i want to marriage the fuck out of you'. he says 'BAM BAM BAM FIDELITY'. it amuses me.

one of my favourites is 'good morning honey' and i like it just because it is quite sweet but realistic:

"statistics point overwhelmingly towards
our dreams never coming true
i hope you are okay with this
i love you
i think you're very pretty"

i would like someone to write a poem like this about me one day.

he says:

"my god you smell good
you shouldn't like me
i'm a wreck these days"

it reminds me of something.

also in august, he writes a poem called 'you say it first' and i like it a lot:

"emailed you
saw an email
one new message
heart beat loud
and i know now:
borders has a sale

i miss you so much."

i like it because i have emailed someone and i have waited and i have had borders emails at inopportune times, and I have heard my heart beating, and i have missed someone. sometimes there is beauty in just putting words down on a page, and they don't have to be poetic or anything. they just have to come from the right place.

the last poem is 'the romantic'. it ends with the word 'please' centred, and alone on a page.

it is a fitting end.

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  1. Oh god, I know the feeling re: borders emails. I get daily emails from Urban Outfitters and seek jobs. FUCK OFF GUYS I WANT LOVIN