Thursday, December 30, 2010

my summer reading list

i feel like summer is a good time for me to get back into good reading habits. here is a list of books i aim to read over the summer:

a general theory of love / thomas lewis, fari amini, and richard lannon (currently reading) (bought from unity books)
loneliness as a way of life / thomas dumm (currently reading) (bought from readings in melbourne)
seeing further: the story of science and the royal society / edited by bill bryson (borrowing from brad) (currently reading)
the fry chronicles / stephen fry (xmas present from sam)
heart of darkness / joseph conrad (bought from jasons books)
how we are hungry / dave eggers (bought from borders)
brother of the more famous jack / barbara trapido (borrowing from susie)
love is a dog from hell / charles bukowski (borrowing from oxana)
good morning, midnight / jean rhys (bought from jason's books)
junky / william s. burroughs (borrowing from kiki)
nuncle and other stories / john wain (borrowing from ali)

weirdly enough, i don't ask to borrow these books, people always seem to give them to me in a 'i just thought you would like this' kind of way, which is nice.

doubt I will read all of these, but I am ever hopeful.

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