Monday, December 27, 2010

day in review: saturday 25 december

Arose 9.50am, did presents with sisters and mum. Received mostly fine gifts, but a SWEET AS BIKE (see Stacey's post for pic) so 9/10 I would say. Had a breakfast muffin then began cooking epic dinner for family.
Entre: melanzane parmigiana (eggplant parma) 10/10
Main: roast chicken with vegies / glamorgan sausages (leek and cheese welsh style sausages for my vegie sis) with sage stuffing - fucking best thing I've ever made in my whole life 10/10
dessert: pear tart with white christmas tea (from T2) syrup and mascarpone only 8/10 because I forgot to blind bake the pastry and it was slimy, but the pears were utterly magnificent
the eating and cooking took up much of my day but I'm glad because otherwise it would have been a bit weird and boring. alice downloaded music like the supremes and the ronettes and the temptations so we were all singing and listening to motown stuff whilst eating chrimbus dinner 10/10.
after that, me and my sister watched singing in the rain which is a really good movie, it's actually hilarious 10/10
had a lengthy skype chat with my home gurl stacey 10/10

Alice and I then attempted to watch sherlock holmes starring robert downey jnr but it kept skipping to weird places and mum attempted to fix it to no avail 3/10 I wanted to go for a ride on my new bike and look at christmas lights so my sisters and I hopped on our bikes, played music on alice's new itouch and went for a ride even though we had 1.5 helmets between us 10/10. we cranked biebs and first aid kit and yelled merry christmas at the young folk 10/10.
returning home, alice worked her magic on sherlock holmes and we watched robert downey in all his sexiness for about an hour then fell asleep 10/10.

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  1. dang girl, i want to attend chrimbus at your house! also my arm is weird, like, can other people's arms even do that? feel like it's pretty creepy in general