Friday, December 17, 2010

20 received texts from 2010

so I started compiling this much earlier in the week and it seemed funnier/like a better idea. I got bored because I've got like 1200+ saved txt messages. these are my favourite ones that I was bothered enough to select. If you sent me one of these txts and would like me to take it down to "protect" you, just say so and I shall replace it with something like "where are you?" "what time are we meeting" or "hey, you wanna get lunch tomorrow" or something equally riveting.


Hi susw mtv

Today i just really do not want to be amongst the living

Wtf my train just hit a cow. GaY

But then I have to cc tally socituly infract

Sam and i just broke up. I will email you tomorrow.

Hey babez, you bizy 2mz arvo? Thort I mite pop round n drop of dat cardiii n pik up mai dress. Luv u biatch xoxoxoxo

Your zines make me smile!

mmmmmmh! (gets in cause it's from mum)

I am now with boyfriend. Swoon.

You can't say that and not explain! Are you ok? I am having an inspiring time. But susan, i have realised that i am almost never alone and i don't know what to say to myself.

Unassuming ey? You'd be the one assuming I don't like it

Oh god, alarming flows seem to be a trending topic #myflowisheavy

Lol. Did you just butt dial me?

Play some sc with me

Please don't feel upset/disheartened. Let me work out some shit in my head, and then I'll talk to you. I had a fun night/morning :)

Oh lord. Did he cry? Or indicate that intercourse might ease his pain?

kick ass and grown ups. Both not too bad! I probs need to leave the house to procure dinner but I really don't wanna to have to put on a bra and/or shoes

I just saw 3 rats.

Nevermind what's "in" susan. The dutch have been wearing them for centuries

Omg Kfc sell roasted corn. This is totally our influence i feel.

Omg I'm in a reasonably attractive businessmen sandwich! I'm surrounded by them!


  1. Surprised my break up txt was so calm. Also wut @ KFC selling roasted corn?

  2. One time in high school me, Mel and Jacki were stoned as bro, and we went through the drive thru at kfc and asked if they still sold corn.

  3. This is brilliant! I wish my phone could save so many texts - though I doubt I'd have any as interesting as these.