Monday, December 20, 2010

some australian colloquialisms

no wuckas - this means no worries and is abhorrent. I say it in jest from time to time

yeah nah - apparently we share this with NZ. Most people will say "yeah", trail off, then say "nah" to start up the sentence again.

full on - often means "to assail one directly". eg "he came at me full on in the face". Or, can simply mean "totally" eg "we full on won that game". Alternatively, it can mean something that was really intense.

fuck off - refers to the scale of something, in terms of how intimidating it is. Like, "a big fuck off bag off lollies" or "she had some crazy fuck off tittehs"

mate - yes, we do say mate in this country. In my experience though, pretty much only men can pull off the mate. I said it on Friday night when this guy was asking me and my friends for some change and I think I did an okay job. It felt like a good way to let him down and make him go away, but seem kind at the same time. Saying mate is authoritative and reassuring, and lets the recipient know that your intentions are good.

g'day - almost in the same league as mate, but slightly less. I don't really know many people who use this term.

youse - plural form of you, typically used by "bogans" or the uneducated. I just saw it on facebook spelt like "use".

no worries - this is kinda like "you're welcome" or "sure". One often uses it to receive thanks

thongs - flip flops or jandals in NZ

fairo - Australians have a tendency to add an o on the end of words, like "righto" or "Tommo" or "Jacko". saying fairo is a less uptight way of saying "fair enough" and makes one feel slightly egyptian

trackies - trackpants. comfortable for lounging.

shit son! - expresses surprise or is a general exclamation. Also used by me in jest.

bogan - there are a few different types of bogans. They usually wear thongs with trackies, or ugg boots with leggings and talk about their pregnancy loudly on the train, whilst drinking some sort of bourbon and cola drink before 10am.

I should make it clear that nobody actually says "you flamin' galah" here!


  1. Paul says "no wukkas". Only he can pull it off.

    TOTES is something I say HEAPS. And because I say it HEAPS, liam now says it HEAPS. I also say DUDE heaps too, but that's not strictly bound to Australian slang.

    My dad starts saying MATE a lot when the police catch him for speeding.

  2. pretty sure i've heard alf stewart say "flamin' galah" more than once

  3. my favourite thing that alf says is "stone the flamin' crows!" because he is right, crows are creepy and need to be dealt with. sam actually says g'day sometimes, maybe just to remind himself that he is australian. we also say no worries here.

  4. Alf Stewart is not a good representation of Australians:

  5. I love your examples for 'fuck off'

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