Thursday, December 16, 2010


Sometimes I feel afraid that I will die
while spending time with someone
I don't like.

Maybe I'll be in class
with that annoying girl
who always talks about Glee,
and I fall off my chair and crack my head open.

Or I'll be at a party with the girl who
is telling me that she wants a career in marketing
and I get alcohol poisoning and pass out and die.

Or I'll be in line at a Burger King
behind a guy who keeps saying
'hard out bro'
without a trace of irony,
and I slip on the wet floor
and I am taken to hospital
and I never wake up again.

Maybe I'll be with that boy
that I regretted ever kissing.
Or with the cousin that stole my barbie dolls
when we were kids.
Or with the creepy aunty
who sells weed.

I don't want to be with
the co-worker who was cruel to me or
the stranger who made fun of me or
the neighbour who never said hi to me or
the girl who never understood me or
the teacher who never encouraged me or
the boy who never loved me.

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