Thursday, December 23, 2010

dinosaur friends

i'm glad i have friends that will talk about dinosaurs with me
and when i say "hey i can just imagine dinosaurs in this landscape"
they don't make fun of me
they imagine it too
and when i wonder how big a t-rex is
they stop to figure it out
and we ask our friend brad
and he thinks about it
and gives us an approximation
and we say "wow that is big"
then i tell them about how i watched a documentary
where an ankylosaurus kills a t-rex
and the t-rex babies stand by her while she dies
and they keep making squealing noises
and it made me really sad
then we talk about how dinosaurs lived for longer than we have
and that one day we will be extinct too
we stop to think about that for a second
then i say "rawrrrrrrrrrrr"
and we keep on walking

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