Wednesday, September 28, 2011

at 'births deaths and marriages' victoria

walking through the shiny ass foyer in a fuck off building on collins street. feel outta place with a hole in my tights

overheard someone saying 'my husband and i married in las vegas in 1998'

<12 month old baby w/earrings, why do women want to pierce their baby's ears?

have been thinking in depth about the nature of my relationships with boys. in the past have considered myself to be terrified of intimacy and am attempting to work out how accurate this is. friend of mine said that the person who will change my mind about this is 'the person' and if i am looking for it i will be too conscious of it and thus not find 'the person'. also another friend had a similar anecdote about 'one night stands', said one day you find the person that you don't want to leave in the morning lol. so currently i am a morning leaver, not that i have those things a lot but that's my instinct and i have just been considering it lately. and i don't mind it. i am pretty happy continuing on in this vein. think i will be intrigued to meet the person who can change this behaviour mostly b/c it just seems so unlikely.

kids playing hide and seek underneath some benches, saying 'found ya' in exactly the same tone that i used to say it. strongly remember the terror of being found.

at the counter the man is really quiet. trying to find places to stare at that aren't him, for some reason. the 'births deaths and marriages' slogan is 'recognising significant life events'. he printed my certificate and said 'thanks susie'


  1. i like these kinds of posts from you

  2. nz births deaths & marriages has a stock image of an old lady holding a baby.