Wednesday, September 7, 2011


+ someone at work said my hair looked nice
- wanted to cry at various points due to exhaustion
+ made me and hannah scrambled eggs for lunch
- did actually cry a lil in the car on the way to work
+ cuddles with pickles the cat
- feeling bleak re: my finances
+ played stairway to heaven on my dad's guitar but changed it a bit, made it real slow and sang quietly in my lil kiwi accent
- bleak ass call to work and income
+ the glow pt. 2 by the microphones
- really cold feet
+ sitting in the sun with other volunteers during break
- weird leg pain
+ the sky looked real good as the sun was setting and i was driving nearly swerving to look at it more wondering if anyone else was seeing this and why aren't they swerving too


  1. real good re. led zep/the microphones. also cool list aesthetic re. +/-

  2. THANK YOU for the mail
    in good time i am mailing you something in return