Friday, September 16, 2011

most recent things i have downloaded to my itunes

eric's trip "peter ep" and "love tara"

came across this band whilst on julie doiron's wikipedia page, she played guitar/bass and sang. they seem like a pretty influential canadian band from the early 90s. think it's like "dreamy punk" or something. seems like a really bad band name though. look how cool julie doiron is:

codeine "the white birch"

listened to a track that walter davis posted to facebook and thought "i can deal with this".

///////nEonsense mixtape by neon glittery

she sent me a physical copy of this mix but it had a big crack down the middle so she uploaded it for me. it is a mixture of sweet ass songs that itunes categorize as "psychedelic" and "experimental" mostly, and also her own songs, which I would probably describe as "dream glitch". think i just like any music that could be described as dream [something].

mix cd made for me by victoria

i've been in contact with victoria ever since the livejournal days of yore. she lives in chicago, and we send each other packages back and forth on a pretty casual basis. mix features such artists as the babies, the blow, jeremy jay, yo la tenga, sibylle baier, geto boyz and the velvet underground. just listened to it in the kitchen as i was making toasted sandwiches.

mount eerie "dawn"

this is an album that phil elverum recorded whilst spending a winter by himself in a cabin in a remote part of norway. it is just him and his guitar, really simple and lovely. p. much get at me, phil.

the velvet underground "candy says"

i downloaded this single song because i used to listen to it a lot when i was maybe 15 and i realised i didn't have it anymore due to my mum accidentally deleting my music when I was 16 or so. boy this takes me back to sitting alone in my room writing in my notebook. wait, i still do that. hehehehe.

sleepy age "decor" and "sly one nighters"

downloaded from their bandcamp after watching the video for decor via alice and also remembering that i liked "fuck yr friends". put it on a mix cd that i was recruited to make later that night in order to "get da party started" on the car ride to the gig we were going to. think i suceeded. comments from other people indicated that i had, in fact, "nailed it".

bombay bicycle club "flaws"

i think james told me to download this. i like it a lot. seems like sensitive ass indie music (which we all secretly like, right)

the microphones "it was hot, we stayed in the water", "the glow pt. 2" and "mount eerie"

downloaded these albums on the strength of how much i liked the song "the glow pt. 2" along with everything else phil elverum-related i had heard. eamonn told me i should listen to them in the order they are listed above. this guy knows what he's talking about.

godspeed you! black emperor "lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven"

this album only has four tracks but they are each about 20 minutes long. all instrumental and really really beautiful.

silver jews "tanglewood numbers"

have had their album "american water" in my itunes for a while but only recently listened to it properly. pretty good. has stephen malkmus on some songs.

young montana? "limerence"

at first i saw that susie was listening to this and thought it was some kind of rap because i kept thinking "young sid" or "young jeezy" or something. in reality it's just some sweet ass beats.

if you want any of these albums just type the band name, then the album name, then mediafire. idk, do people know you can do that, seems like people should, but just in case you don't, [the thing i said].

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