Sunday, September 25, 2011

day in review 25/09/11

Awoken at 6am by wasted ass friends jumping into bed with me. Talked and listened to music for an hour and I went back to sleep and they sat outside in the sun. Had a dream where I was out there with them, like some sort of astral projection or something. Was rly cool. Woke up at 9am and sat out in the sun, made everyone tea and toast. Huna and Laura went to bed and I lay with them for a bit watching Dark Angel (lol). Then my friend Xinia came over with a soy ass coffee for me and we went down to the beach and walked her aunty's dog. The dog was a black labrador named Johnny, he was really sweet but got dog drool all over me. We played in the sand and talked and went on the swings. It was real sunny and I felt good. I got home and Sam called me asking if I wanted to go to a book launch that afternoon. Still had a good 2 hours before I had to do that, so I went to my parent's house because I am house-sitting for them and I had to feed my cat. I sat in the sun and read the rest of During My Nervous Breakdown I Want to Have a Biographer Present by Brandon Scott Gorrell then I made mail for people. Sending/receiving mail is one of my favourite things. Also had a phat dance to Coldplay while I was doing the dishes, felt really life-affirming. I went to Sam's at about 3pm and we went out to get beers. We accidentally got caught in a swarm of rugby fans and it was quite frightening. We drank beers on the deck for a few hours, shooting the proverbial shit, then we went to the book launch at about 6. The book was about industrial unionism in NZ during the First World War and there was a film screening of similar subject matter. Sounds boring but it was interesting enough. Get in2 dat socialism. On the way home I picked up Burger Fuel for Huna because I sensed she would like that based on the txt she sent me earlier saying "merrh". Got home and ate my burger, then Xinia came over with brownies (nailing it today quite frankly, Xinia). We drank wine, listened to music and talked until the wee hours. Can't remember when I went to sleep. Pretty ideal day - 9.8/10.

This is what I looked like on this day: