Monday, September 26, 2011

thoughts during "he died with a felafel in his hand"

this movie seems to be about a lot of people who like to sit/stand in the rain

i like the main character a lot

smoking cigarettes makes depression seem cool

australians are funney

found the main character attractive even though he wasn't attractive but sometimes you just see something in people

also because he wears a shirt and suit jacket, think that looks good in contrast with his otherwise ramshackle appearance

he seemed genuine, i think, and that is one of my favourite qualities in people

i liked how everyone in this film seemed really fucked

thought "i guess i just don't like most people" and i felt bad about that but definitely cannot feel otherwise

why is it so hard for me to remember the correct spelling for felafel

scones are pretty good, like cheese ones

good music in this film, going to download the soundtrack (noticed that on the dvd cover it says "with a hip and brooding soundtrack featuring moby, nick cave and the stranglers" lol

being alive is weird, but idk compared to what i guess

it's nice that all his possessions fit into a milk crate, probably not even 1/4 of the cardigans i own would fit into a milk crate

kind of want felafel now