Friday, September 2, 2011

day in review thurs sept 1 2011

Woke up and computerised while double-cupping coffee and tea. Had some gluten free muesli stuff which has goji berries in it. Sent a text to my friend Beck to see what she was up to, as we had been trying to hang out but failing to actually do it for a long time, which is silly cos she lives nearby me. I suggested that we get a coffee either on Brunswick street or in the city if she was going in. I rode my bike up to her place and we decided to walk into the city together. We ate some lunch at the cafe at my uni. I ate a thai pattie (which is a gross word but it was delicious) with coleslaw and Beck had something that was essentially a toasted sandwich but featuring fancy bread and deli items as filling. We were sitting under an umbrella in the sun and it was beautiful, a nice day for the first day of Spring actually but neither of us mentioned that it was a new season. We were having good talks about feeling awkward in creative cliques in Melbourne and our studies. Beck had a ticket to the launch of Going Down Swinging that night and offered it to me. I said I would think about it. Beck decided that she was going to walk back home and do some writing for class and I had errands to run.

Walking past the State Library I ran into my friend Jordan. He had been visiting galleries on his day off work. I hijacked him and made him accompany me on my errands. We went to JB Hi-Fi and I bought a pair of headphones to replace the ones of mine that were stolen a few weeks ago. I went to the 3 phone store to ask if I had to officially cancel my contract with them. We went to First Site together and as we were walking past the RMIT Gallery noticed that there was an opening there that evening. We decided to go there later. Jordan and I had coffee at the same place I had lunch. I like eating there because they give student discounts. We talked about people we know, housemates and other things like when we started drinking coffee. We split up so I could finish my errands and go study for a bit. I wrote nearly 800 words, which was only 200 off my target for the day. I decided that I would go to the GDS launch after the gallery opening because my friend Amber was. I rode my bike to Beck's house and it felt dangerous for some reason. She sold me the ticket for only $20 which was nice of her and said that since we'd lunched she wrote 500 words. I met Jordan at the exhibition and we had some wines. The exhibition is about street art, zines, pasting and stickers. The stuff is pretty cool, but it was weird seeing it in a white, sterile environment. I became slightly intoxicated from the wine because I had not eaten for a little while. We decided to leave the show and go get some chips. We got these nice chips from burger edge. There was aioli on them too but it was not as nice as other places. Too runny. I was talking outrageously thanks to the wine, I think I said a lot of stuff about travel and friendships and sex. Jordan is a good friend who doesn't mind what I say though.

He went home and I met Amber under the clock at Melbourne Central (This is a quintessential Melbourne meeting place). Her friend arrived and we went to the Toff where the launch was being held. It was packed. We made our way through the crowd and sat down on the ground. There were three brackets featuring two poets in each. I think my favourite was Ken Arkind, maybe because he was a ginger and had a big beard. But Mahogany Brown was really good too, she seems like a gal I could get on with. I was tired at the end so I decided to leave my bike at uni and get the bus home with Amber. My Myki (one of those travel cards you top up) didn't work when I was trying to 'touch off' at the back of the bus so I went to the front and felt silly, like I was holding everybody up. I was hungry when I arrived home and I cut up some carrot and ate it with peanut butter.


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