Friday, September 23, 2011

ways to get to sleep

i am a pretty bad sleeper generally and this week this has been exacerbated by the amount of study that i have to do. my mind is functioning at this ridic level of productivity, so stimulated. hyper alert, intellectually. these are some of the ways that i generally get to sleep or techniques i consider when i cannot do sleeping.

reading - doesn't currently work for me as the book i'm on at the moment (voyage in the dark by jean rhys) only increases anxiety & wards off slumber via ponderings

watch shows - i have employed this method probably 3 out of 4 weeks in any given month, for every month since i have had a laptop. (guess this is how i watch so much television) Fry and Laurie is like my personal lullaby or something which accounts for how i know it so well. also sketch shows are best to fall asleep to b/c you're not missing a narrative when you do sleep. i've often found it weird when i stay at places or have people over and we just 'go to sleep'. seems weird, but i know i am actually the weird one & have a problem. have tried in the past to instigate rules like 'leave laptop in another room' & 'only compute at desk' but these rules last a week or so, & there i am again, cradling my macbook & teddy side by side, night after night. unless! unless i am

drinking - this is legit the only way i can 'fall asleep' with ease. idk. just don't have a quiet mind

write - cos all my ideas come to me when i'm trying to empty my mind. it's hard to decide to write it out b/c turning the light on to get yr pen and paper is admitting you are still awake. but to truly exorcise thoughts sometimes they need to be on paper.

fapping - good way to drain all of the day's remaining energy. post orgasmic state v. relaxing

take dem pills - have been taking some painkillers sometimes... um... people seem to think this is a bad idea, but i do not do it very much and only in extreme situations. i just think that i am unpleasant when i haven't slept enough and i want to be pleasant for people in my life so if i do the sleeping then i will be an enjoyable person and if this helps me then surely that is an ok thing to do. ???????

do exercise - sometimes i go for night walks. infrequently. for a while last year i did running. but mostly i am a lazy so and so. i do not know whether this would help me get to sleep better. maybe i should try doing this and suddenly i will be a better sleeper.

listen to music - i have tried listening to grouper a few nights this week to help myself feel relaxed and like i might fall asleep, but i always try to stay awake until the last couple of songs on the album 'dragging a dead deer up a hill', which is funny b/c the very last song on the album is called 'we've all gone to sleep' but i guess it is my favourite song of hers at the moment so that explains why i try to stay awake to listen to it


  1. was an obsessive nightwalker for about a year. i have super-toned legs hehe. Fry and Laurie + pills hmm...

  2. hahah yea there are few good words to explain that activity. at least 'fap' is an amusing word