Saturday, September 3, 2011

times i have crashed my car

when i first started learning to drive i was 14/15. our old driveway had this weird angle and i always used to bang into the corner of the house with my dad's car. there are lil chunks of brick knocked off it. one time i nailed the garage door and put this massive dent in it. it was an electric garage door and after that it took about 30 seconds longer to go up and down. soz. hehe. cheeky lil teen.

for a while i owned this really sweet ass honda accord that i bought from my friend for cheaps. one time when i was staying at sam's house we drove to the shops and when i pulled into a parking spot i put my foot on the accelerator instead of the brake so i slammed into a concrete wall. pretty much smushed the front of my car but everything stayed attached. sam's dad followed behind me in his car when i drove home to make sure nothing fell off. seemed nice. when i got home me and dad did some DIY and tied a piece of rope around my bumper and attached it to his car to pull everything back into place. just a bit of ol' fashioned kiwi know-how.

one time i borrowed my dad's car when joseph and i wanted to go to the movies. i think we wanted to see inception but it was sold out. we returned to his house and i was backing into the driveway and couldn't see the wire fence and it got caught on the back tyre guard and ripped half of it off. i felt like a damn foo'. h8ed lyfe. joseph had some electrical tape and managed to secure the thing back on so it was safe to drive. when i got home i told my dad and i felt really bad and said i would pay for it to get fixed and everything. i felt really bad. i think my dad sensed this so he didn't get mad or anything, he was real chill about it. thnx dad.

my sister let me borrow her car while she was away on holiday. i drove it to work at the cattery. when i went to leave, all these cars had blocked me in and i had to do a gazillion point turn to get out. in the process i knocked a branch off a tree and side-swiped a car. a lady who was waiting to come in saw me do this and held her index finger up to her lips to indicate "ssh", then smiled. i was real flustered at this point and just freaked out and drove away. i think there was a lil scratch on my sister's car but you couldn't really tell. i think i told my sister about the tree but not about the car. i don't think she reads my blog.

backing out of my sister's driveway is really hard, especially in my dad's 4WD. there are these small trees that line the driveway and one time i completely knocked one over, ripped out dem roots and everything. not entirely sure if i did it or if it was the storm but i thought i must have done it considering my previous driving record.

oh yeah and once i reversed out of the garage with one of the doors still open and it made the worst sound ever

i am going for my full drivers license next month
wish me luck


just made this father's day card for tomorrow

i cut out the cover from a newspaper and i didn't even know it had the word "father" on it. seemed like fate.

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