Wednesday, September 14, 2011

List of TV series I have watched in bulk so far this year

Party Down S1+2
Parks & Recreation S1-3
Harvey Birdman S1+2
Archer S1
Snuffbox S1 (didn't really like it? idk)
Masterchef S3
Tom Goes to the Mayor S1
Tim & Eric S1-5 (on repeat)
Community S1+2
Gilmore Girls S1-6
30 Rock S5
Family Guy S9
Gossip Girl S4
Saturday Night Live (selections of latest seasons, also season one)
A Bit of Fry & Laurie S1-4 (always)
Portlandia S1
Entourage S8
Sex and the City S1-6 (twice)
Alias S1, currently on 2
Breaking Bad S1-3, currently on 4

frightened by how much television this is : (
but frightened by the fact that I just want to watch more, there's not enough timeeeeee


  1. i like your style, my greatest excess was watching all of twinn peaks s1 in one night/morning
    from meredith

  2. Oh man, I've just started watching Archer, and it's great!
    Also, holy shit re: Meredith's Twin Peaks binge

  3. This makes me happy.
    I'm too lazy to download shows any more so I'm just watching the ones I have over and over