Tuesday, September 6, 2011

sportsgirl oversized jumper thing feat. fox that my friend zoe made (missing an eye)
xxxl men's tommy hilfiger denim shirt thingy
black cotton on jeans
have some fancy ass brogues on too lol

last night i had a dream that thought catalog emailed me and said 'we want to pay you but you'll have to edit that piece' and then i caught some trains some places with some boring girls from high school

have been making decisions lately, gonna go away to usa/uk for a bit. had dinner with my buddy fraser last night and am realising what i'm leaving / love my friends / why am i making this irrational decision ????

been reading more jean rhys, read 'quartet' last week and thought it was pretty good, but i was a bit upset about how reliant marya was on all the men in her life, but i guess it was only the 1920s

thank you to everybody who i whinged about getting my wisdom teeth out to, it was totally fine and my face didn't even swell and my dentist was still gorgeous.. now i have proper painkillers

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