Thursday, September 15, 2011

got da flu

+ mostly lying down
- not being able to get up really
+ scooby doo marathon on cartoon network
- sickness exacerbating "bad feelings" towards life
+ concentrating on only the most basic human needs
- wanna die
+ watching doctor who a lot
- having a lot of spare time but not really being able to do anything with it
+ the internet
- actually crying due to pain
- not being able to leave the house
+ my cat
- probably best if you don't look in any sort of reflective surface
+ perpetual pajamas
- miss human interaction
+ tea
- missed getting to eat my "last day of work cake"
+ toast
- lemsip
+ liquids
- everything hurts
+ secretly eating a lot of cookies
- cold sweats
+ the short window of time in the afternoon where i feel well enough to read my book
- too hot and then too cold
+ the mount eerie album "dawn"
- the most uncomfortable sleep of my life
+ this


  1. + P.W. ELVERUM twitter back catalogue.

  2. do you actually have the flu? that's terrifying.. eat well.. stay hydrated!!!! rest lots.

  3. yes i legit have the flu, feel a lot better today though, gonna cancel my doctors appt and save on some cizzash