Friday, October 22, 2010

I always cry at endings

You make time for things/people you care about, you really do.

In my itunes search bar I type 'get me away I'm dying'.

Kissing a boy with a beard is exactly as fuzzy as you think it's going to be.

I think I could be a vegan if I had someone to cook for me.

In the car with my dad, he turns up a Rolling Stones song really loud and says: "wooooooooo".

Jandals and jeans are just not the most aesthetically pleasing combo.

The girls I am sitting next to in the library are talking about how bummed they were when they missed out on Lady Gaga tickets.

I just said this without a hint of irony: "Ooh, can I have your burger bucks?"

Remembering inside jokes from my teen years and giggling quietly to myself.


  1. re: jeans/jandals. Abhorrent.

    re: vegan. Probably you'd struggle with not smelling like steak?

  2. I think I've been doing well with containing the steak smells that I exude.