Sunday, October 3, 2010

This video is about what I did yesterday

my eyes look rather cartoonish! I think that's how they actually are though.

if you live in Australia, are under 25 and are into drawing/illustrating, Voiceworks neeeeeeds visual art surrounding the topic 'technicolour' for the next issue. seriously. we crave it. submit that shit here plz


  1. Also, I felt like Grouper was not bad necessarily, but more atmospheric, and I think people got a little bored.

  2. Thank you m'love. it's probably because I saw her on a panel and the host was really good at asking questions but she didn't say anything more than "yeah... sure" and seemed really out of it. I guess it was too atmospheric for me to get over the real life atmosphere of the venue we were at. Didn't really suit her style..