Monday, October 4, 2010


When all was said I felt okay.
I went about my day and when I got home I went for a run.
Then I sat on the deck and wrote a poem about how I felt strong.
I thought about if I was going to be okay and I figured that I would.
I thought about how I wanted to be a whole person from now on.
My sister sat on the deck with me for a while and we talked about nothing much.
I thought about how I loved my sister a lot.
I sat on the deck until the sun was setting and it got cold.
I zipped up my jumper and put my hood up.
I wondered what was for dinner so I asked my sister and she said, "Quesadillas" and I was like, “Yum.”
My sister's boyfriend, Sam, came and asked what I wanted in my quesadilla.
I said "No onion or tomato" because I hate onion and tomato.
I sat there in the dying light and I just felt happy that I existed.
I always feel like this when I watch documentaries about the universe on Discovery Channel.
Yesterday I watched one about galaxies.
I thought it would be cool to be an astrophysicist just so you could say you were an astrophysicist.
I thought about black holes and stuff for a while.
Finally it got too cold and my quesadilla was ready.


  1. Woah.

    (I used to study astronomy at uni. I got an A in a paper called 'Astrophysics'. Pinnacle of my life really)

  2. I just saw that I could take astronomy papers as my elective. Happy! Yay science.