Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I will keep you company on those days so long and black

When I think about the poems that I like, they are not only written by classic poets but also more contemporary poets who play with the medium of poetry a bit more. They blur the line between the poetic and the literal. I like this kind of almost non-poetry because, not only can it be interesting, but it feels more immediate and personal. I suppose that is the way that I like to write my poetry. Meter, rhyme, and prosody just seem so tired to me. I think there is still a place for those things, and they can be done beautifully, but there is so much more exciting and innovative things that people are doing with poetry today. When I read a poem, there are many factors that contribute to me liking it or not. The two main things are the language used, and the emotional reaction it elicits. So, I guess the whole idea of something being "poetic" doesn't really matter at all to me, so long as I can connect to and appreciate the poem.

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