Sunday, October 17, 2010

videos and things

I have loved Conor Oberst since I was 15 years old. Monsters of Folk is like some sort of dream combination of people for me. It's nuts how awesome they are.

Whenever I record these video posts I tend to prop my laptop up in dumb places. For instance, tonight's was recorded atop a fruit bowl. I was also rather worried about the white space in the background. It made my loungeroom look much more giant than it actually is. I have also realised, through them, how cartoon like my face actually is.

I did another one that you can see on youtube if you want. But I don't know why you would do that.

Also more generally I think that me and Stacey should make this blog about what we do with ourselves and our lives. To initiate this, I would like to tell ya'll that yesterday I finished classes for my undergraduate degree, which is pretty exciting. I still have to do assignments, so of course it doesn't feel as if things are ending - just the normal end of year rush and anxiety.

Me and Stacey are also making plans (along with my friend Zoe - she makes really neat stuff, just look at her blog!) to go to Campus a Low Hum next year. I experienced some difficulties buying tickets to that this week and realised how kind the phone people are at both Westpac and Commonwealth banks. I recommend their assistance, should you ever need it/any assistance. Call them up for a chat even, I'm sure it would be super pleasant.

I am also turning 21 in 8 days. I have not felt any wisdom tooth related pain yet, so I am not feeling much angst about that. Probably more concerned about "getting a real job" and "not relying on scholarship money". Good times ahead.


  1. It's crazy how much more mature Conor's music is now. I have been listening to a lot of Bright Eyes lately. It's pretty nice. I really like M.Ward's voice. Sexy as. I should probably listen to their album more.

  2. You should have posted the other one, it is really beautiful.