Friday, October 8, 2010


This morning on my run I saw that guy from Shortland Street and also Being Eve and I was so star struck.

I hope my next boyfriend has a sweet beard.

Is there more to life than blog hits?

I hope I don't get manly leg muscles from running.

When things get bad enough I guess I sort of clock over and start anew.

In my lecture, a girl has a pencil case that says 'Miss Whatever' written in pink glitter.

Today at uni me and my friend ate churros and felt really sick.

Pear cider on sale for $5.90.

Walking down K'Rd by myself at 1am and a jock makes fun of my beret.

Tonight I talked to a really tall boy and it hurt my neck to look up at him.

I think one of my flatmates ate my last packet of mi goreng.

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