Sunday, October 10, 2010


I started this pseudo diary thing in 2007 where I'd just write a few lines. It goes from May 07 to Jan 09. I haven't looked at it in a while, and it made me feel quite sentimental. Here are some highlights:

Sunday 27 May 07
A plane, a backpack, a goodbye.

Friday 29 June 07
I'm stupid really,
but Laura told me that someone told her that
no emotion is stupid.

Tuesday 14th August
These thoughts make even more sense because I am whispering them before I type them.

Mon 12 Nov
Melieshas grandpa died today.

We just listened.


Bye bye Ben.

Sunday 18th Nov 07
I have perspective.

Tues 27th Nov
Kiss me on the lips.

Monday 17th March 2008
I love you.

Wednesday 19th March
Relief and 

Speaking for trees.

Sunday 20th April



Monday 21st April 2008
I am no more or less than you.

Sunday 25th May
Are things falling apart?

or coming together?

My foggy mind.

Monday something of June, 2008.
"I really do love you, and not being around you physically hurts sometimes."

Sunday 15th June
What is Truth?

What does this gurgling sound in my stomach mean?

What am I doing here again?

Sunday 3rd August 2008
A dizzying sort of existence.

Thursday 11th Sept
Love, vulnerability and mix cds.

Sunday 28 Sep
My feet are cold and I'm living my life in bed.

23 December 2008





  1. Sometimes I think there's not much more to life than boys and mix cds.

  2. It often seems that way. Sigh.