Wednesday, October 20, 2010

topics yo

It amuses me that Stacey has begun a topic that says 'sorry for posting a lot Susie', it's just because I get anxious about not being able to stay up to date with all my RSS feeds and I am scared that happens to other people. I haven't read my feeds in a while and I'm scared to look because they will have accumulated. But ultimately it doesn't matter because I figure people who subscribe to our blog enjoy what we do here.

I keep buying lots of things. Here is an inventory of my purchases over the last two weeks:
- one queen bed doona (duvet? I don't know what you call them in NZ/other parts of the world)
- one doona cover w/pillow covers
- two pillows
- one pair of black tights 70 denier
- red & silver nail polish
- felt tip eye liner
- red lipstick
- mineral face powder
- mascara
- a jumper made from tshirt material with a doily/lace heart printed on it from cotton on
- a leather belt embossed with signs of the zodiac (was so stoked to find this at my local op shop which had hitherto disappointed me)

I am buying bed things because for my birthday my mum is buying me a new bed. I am excited, but slightly concerned about having two beds in my possession after my birthday. Having a birthday is weird isn't it. On facebook people have them all the time - well people have them all the time regardless of whether it's on facebook or not - but I forget how they feel personally. I guess because all this stuff is happening at a busy time of year for me - I am graduating from university this year - I am thinking more about how this birthday in particular fits in with my "life".

Deliberated about the topic for a little while, but because I'm in the mood for it

topic: favourite places to shop in your respective city
video post: show & tell what book/s you are currently reading (or in my case, what book you are trying to read but failing at because things are too busy)


  1. I love how Aussies say DOONA. We call them duvets. I don't know what they call them elsewhere. Bedspread? Blanket? They never specify this in TV or films.

  2. Yeah doona is so dumb, where did we get this ridiculous word???

    I also think that television shows should take special care to explain types of bed covering.