Thursday, October 21, 2010

one million kisses for one million boys

This is a blog post related to consumerism, elaborating on the "shopping" theme that Susie suggested.

Here is my inventory of (major) purchases made over the last two weeks:

A research methods and statistics textbook $140
Camp a low hum tickets $220

Here's a list of things I bought today:

Apples 2x
Mini falefal and rice (lunch)
A kitkat
Cashew nut vegetables with tofu (dinner)

Mainly I spend my money on food. I hardly ever buy clothes, or 'stuff'. I used to buy books but now I just go to the library or read books I already have. A lot of the time I buy stuff when I'm bored. I hardly ever have cash. I have a credit card which I don't imagine I will pay off until my late twenties.

I'm not someone who is that into shopping, but I like obtaining 'stuff' because it feels nice sometimes (for a short period of time). As for places I like to shop, for groceries it's Lim Chhour on K Rd, which is an Asian supermarket. I mainly like it for its proximity, but I still like going to New World to use the self checkouts. I get some strange pleasure out of scanning my own pasta spirals or whatever it may be.

For books it's Jasons Books on Lorne St, which is a secondhand store, I don't go there often but when I do I stay in there for about an hour and come out with about 10 books. I also like the vibe of Unity Books on High Street. I often go to Borders on Queen St, just because it is a good place to waste time while I'm waiting around in town. There are lots of places to just hide away and read.

Op shops kind of annoy me lately because I can never find anything I like. Generally though, I like St Vincents de Pauls in Avondale. Last time I went there the old lady behind the counter said I could pay $3 instead of $4 for a shirt I was buying, for no particular reason.

My all-time favourite store is Iko Iko on K'Rd because it was has the most beautiful, useless things.

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