Friday, October 29, 2010

a new name

one of my flatmates turned the toaster up to 5 and my toast got burnt (resentment)

i'm not going to txt you back because you are being a dick

my dog is chasing a fly around the house with mounting frustration

sometimes when i go running people yell stuff at me from their cars and i don't know what they say and i wish they would leave me alone because i am just a person and i am just running

my sister txt me to say not to forget to call our mum because it is her birthday

when this one cat meows it sounds kind of like a wookie

sometimes i feel like the shyest girl in the whole world

today i saw a girl who literally had legs up to her face (not literally at all)

goddamn you facebook scrabble game server error

on my google search toolbar i type in 'do spiders have brains?" and then feel really stupid

there's this guy in one of my classes and i'm afraid to talk to him because he is so good-looking

listening to Best Coast real loud in the caf and tapping my right foot

i like being alone because it allows you to see so much more

curly hair and no makeup and bare legs

my dad uses the word 'convivial' like it's no big deal

at the bus stop reading my book and my hair is all flying onto my face but i don't mind

that sinking feeling when you've looked at all of your unread tweets

i am sitting outside in the sun and the cars going past sound like the ocean

we are sitting on your deck talking about how scared we are of dying alone

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  1. "...sound like the ocean"
    That one made my heart skip :)