Friday, January 7, 2011

four in fours

four things from me:
this week I have started riding my bicycle to work, feel strangely proud of myself
this afternoon I will play scrabble (irl)
Stacey's macbook charger has died and I had to send her another one
when I ride I say very rude words to myself

four things from elsewhere:
steve roggenbuck writes about buddhism and veganism
a poem by matthew savoca
song about bicycles by be your own pet
video of josh groban singing kanye west tweets

four events coming up:
inaugural 'jam' session with my friend zoe (sat)
visit from my little sister (nxt wk)
Beach House gig (end o Jan)
CALH (nxt month)

four places to submit writing:
voiceworks (print, deadline jan 16)
going down swinging (print + online + cd, deadline feb 28)
new wave vomit (online, always open for submissions, as far as I can tell)
oh comely magazine (print, open to pitches/submissions)

1 comment:

  1. i want to be there for all of those events but i do get to be there for the best one of them.