Thursday, January 20, 2011



if you could weigh our grief
on a scale
people would gather round
and say
'wow that is heavy'

we stand with your body
and i am afraid to touch you

my great uncle says a prayer
in maori
we sing a waiata* for you
it's a mournful, low vibration of sound
i don't know any of the words

it stops suddenly

we go downstairs
my cousin plays Toto on his phone for some reason
we talk about records
i call my sister 7 times and she doesn't pick up
i sprint down the driveway with my little cousin
we are playing superman, he says

we kiss and hug and cry

*waiata is song in maori

THIS is a maori folk group that my nana was in

on the cover is a picture of my great great grandmother

i find the music quite eerie

i'll miss her

1 comment:

  1. Wow very nice song !!
    Why does your grandmother do the picture of the cover ?