Thursday, January 27, 2011

two poems i wrote just then

my bike

all i want to do is ride my bike around green bay
so i do
and when i leave my cousin asks if i am wearing a helmet
and i say nah
(secret death wish)
and he says oh yeah it might make your hair weird
that's not the reason
but i guess it would
i ride and think about how nice the wind is
i say hello to an old man standing by his mail box
he says hello back
i smile
i can feel my hands blistering
but i don't stop
when i ride my bike i don't have to wait for anyone or anything
i just ride and that's all

the social contract

my sister says i have a "writer's personality"
she says this to me via a txt message
i think "yeah okay"
but i'm also wondering why she would txt me that
and if she is congratulating me for my introversion
or passive aggressively attacking my character
i hold my phone limp in my hand
and stare up into the sun
sort of squinting in a contemplative manner
until my phone drops from my hand
and lands on the concrete
if i was alone i would have left it there
but i was with people
and had to comply to the societal norms and be like
'oh no whoops i dropped my phone'
because if i was alone i would be silent
and it would be no big deal
and it would be chill as
instead people look at me
and i have to smile and talk

1 comment:

  1. "i hold my phone limp in my hand"

    you have a writer's cellphone technique.