Monday, January 17, 2011

the heart is a stone and this is a stone that we throw

i am at cima on high st and these are my thoughts/observations:

- i keep accidentally making eye contact with passers-by
- now i am doing it on purpose
- there is a 14 year old boy wearing a pink ralph lauren polo
- SALE!!! at World
- dude wearing jeans and jandals, not cool bro
- girl who thinks wearing a karen walker dress makes her a better person
- lots of tiny dogs
- i start to feel nervous and bite my nails a little
- stare at a guy eating a kebab for a while
- guy smoking also has a mullet, weird
- guy with 'guitar hero is rocking my life' tee
- i don't want to be afraid of the world around me
- waiting until i awkwardly see someone i know
- probably go to unity bookstore after this and browse for 20 minutes and not buy anything
- ginger dude wearing a backwards cap
- business woman wearing tasteful footwear
- business men with 'quirky' ties
- see guy i recognise but don't actually know, i like his moustache
- lots of people holding coffee like their life depends on it
- i want to sit here and barely exist forever
- i want to always be this silent
- it's raining now and people are like 'oh fuck' and so am i

i ended up buying 'some anatomies of melancholy' by robert burton from unity. i am a little ray of sunshine.

feel like it would be cool if from now on if the weekly topics were implicit. like how i wrote something about loneliness/solitude and then susie did too without us even talking about it.

going back to that topic, i read THIS and it was really great and quite true.

"there is some baseline human emotion that expresses itself when people are alone, a deafening preverbal roaring at the core of us"

let's all be wild with loneliness


  1. "Anyone who has surfed blog comment trails throughout the ‘literary online community’ will most likely have encountered Ryan Manning’s eerily omnipresent comments"