Friday, January 7, 2011

give a little love

solitude is the theme for the week

i've been reading this book called loneliness as a way of life by thomas dumm

i've also spent the week almost completely by myself

i really feel like this book is accompanying my week

i like my own company

i've been lying on the floor listening to records

i've been making zines

i've been reading

i've been driving to beautiful places with my dog in tow

i feel good

however sometimes that feeling creeps in

thomas dumm says that loneliness is a loss, a disappearance, a death. to be lonely is to lose yourself, by experiencing a loss of enjoyment in being alone. it is a loss of capacity to experience. it is a loss of the world you live in and thus a loss of people in that world. solitude is when you can feel content in being by yourself.

when we are alone we construct "rich inner lives" which creates a fortress from the inherent unreliability of other human beings. being alone is an important part of the human experience as it allows us to know ourselves. some people are afraid to ever be alone. but being alone is what it is to be human; we are constantly alone but surrounded. thomas dumm says that "it is in conformity that we become ghostly, uncertain of ourselves because we are unable to think about how we are alone... we lose ourselves in ourselves."

i like this book

i am sunburnt as a mutha

i never know whether it's okay to use semi colons

out loud i just said "ooh dragonball z is on"

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