Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my 25 january 2011

my sister woke me up at 7am. i had a shower and breakfast (toast with marmite) and my parents picked us up. we went to my nana's house where her body was being displayed. my great uncle said a prayer and everyone cried. we all went to the funeral home and i just kept thinking about the television show six feet under. there were lots of people there that hadn't seen me this i was "this" big. we sat near the front in the 'family' section. the minister talked about god and jesus and 'going to a better place' a lot. i found it irksome because the funeral is meant to be about my nana, not about god. we sang some hymns and also some maori songs. i didn't sing at all. i cried during both of the maori songs, just kind of lost my shit completely. i also cried when we had to stand up and say our goodbyes to her and put flowers on her coffin. afterwards there was food and refreshments. they had some pretty sweet hors'd'oeuvres. it was nice talking to everybody afterwards. then we went back to the house and it had to be blessed before we could go in. a lot of people said a lot of things in maori and then we walked through every room in the house including the backyard. then everyone sang maori songs and it felt kind of joyous and nice. then we ate some more food and drank some beer. i guess we just hung around talking and things. in the afternoon me and my sister picked up 10 pizzas for everyone to eat. i accidentally ate a piece with anchovies on it and it was gross as. during the course of the day i was kissed by at least 15 relatives that i had never met before. sometimes full on saliva action on my face. we went home at 9ish and i went to my sister's house. we watched some of 'land of the lost' and i skyped susie until my battery ran out. sam rang me and we talked for 45 minutes. then i watched an episode of curb your enthusiasm (larry hired a prostitute so he could use the transit lane to get to the baseball in time, oh larry) and went to sleep at 10:30.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss.
    My prayers go to you and your family.

  2. Thanks Victoria. I sent your package and hope it gets to you soon x