Monday, January 3, 2011

goals for 2011

- get a job (i need this for money to exchange for goods and services)
- write every day
- do not fall in love
- play a lot of bass
- move out in february (with my friend hannah into what we lovingly refer to as 'the shack' which is literally just a shack by the beach, you should come visit, we will have sweet bonfires and vegetarian bbqs)
- study english (i'm a psych drop out)
- get more writing/poems published
- get a car, hate it because it costs too much, then sell it and get a bike (this is a specific and realistic goal which predicts my future behaviour based on how well i know myself)
- be more social (i'm so awkward)
- read more
- internet less
- fall in love (incongruence)
- find dream guy (cross between woody allen and john cusack's character in say anything = perfect mixture of romantic and neurotic)
- save money to go to melbourne again in the summer
- also other stuff


  1. - Become a rastafarian.
    - <3 Bob Marley.

    Can't believe you left these off.

  2. definitely get dreadlocks. that should be one too.