Saturday, January 15, 2011

you have the sun, i have the moon

two poems that i wrote today. i don't even know what is bad or good anymore

i wish poems didn't have to have titles

in bed i think about walking to the main road and jumping out in front of a car
i think it again the next morning when i am eating toast
i know that i would never actually do this
but i think about it anyway
i think about it when it seems like
there is nothing else to do

no amount of anything can stop me

poetry theory

poetry is whatever anyone else says it is
don't question me
i did a correspondence course in poetry writing
4 years ago
i know what i'm talking about


  1. one time me and my sister were going down the escalators at southern cross station with jacki and i said that sometimes i wonder what it would be like to just throw myself over the side, what would happen. and i think this when i am in other high places like bridges over highways and stuff. so i like the first one a lot. second one is funny bro

  2. i have a lot of morbid fantasies. yeah. it's funny BECAUSE IT'S TRUE.