Sunday, January 9, 2011

i am coming home to you

we here at people are just people quite like a bit o' John D.

if you don't know what i'm talking about, John Darnielle is (essentially) The Mountain Goats, who are my favourite band.

he really likes metal and it's funny

best in between song banter of anyone i've ever seen

he seems so geniune that you just want to be his friend

i like that he is so open with his personal life, especially the abuse he experienced as a child. i really admire writers that are not afraid to be open in this manner.

in wikipedia it says he is known for his prolific output and literary lyrics, pretty much nailed it with that one

susie once went up and talked to him at an owen pallett (?) show

he used to be a psychiatric nurse

best song writer in the biz

he's a vegetarian (that's not important, it's just a fact)

today i went to real groovy to buy some MG vinyl AND THEY HAD NONE, i was like say whaaaaat

he wrote a novella about black sabbath

look how cute he and his wife are

probably my favourite tweeter, e.g.

"Done hearing self sing & play '97-'03 songs for day. Now into kitchen to ad-lib songs about risotto and roasted vegetables. #goingtokitchen"

Everything happens for a reason. A single, monolithic, terrifying, dark, secret reason.

Perhaps you may wonder, JD, what's for dinner on 12/31. Only my favorite-named dish of them all: JUNGLE CURRY

Used to resent people who overstressed my geekiness but let's face the facts here: I spent over an hour today thinking about ellipsis"

good video


  1. I love this post I love this post I love this post I love this post

    It is my dream to see MG with you

  2. Maybe one day when WE LIVE IN ILLINOIS

    (lol, to double check i spelled illinois right i had to check the sufjan t-shirt i was wearing)