Wednesday, January 26, 2011

we parted our lips and reached from inside

at beach house kept thinking i could die directly after this and it would be okay
felt truly awed (word which here means 'very very impressed in a musical and visual sense') by victoria legrand
wanted at once to be at home practicing piano to become like her but also for the concert to never end so I could just watch her for the rest of my life
kept replaying on loop earlier in the day when I wobbled on my bicycle and felt like an idiot for it, had the brief thought that I am constantly embarrassed, considered that this might explain a lot about me, but ultimately realised this was an overstatement
2 songs in said to my friend 'everything is perfect' then realised I meant it, felt like the sudden buoyancy I felt earlier in the evening and because I bought a tshirt I was rewarded in some sort of karmic sense by the excellence of their performance
(obviously) felt really alert and self aware but quite complete and calm and comfortable about this at the same time, was unable to stop myself dancing in what might be referred to as an indie fashion
thought about (your) tongue as a specifically interesting part (of you); I have done this before, go away tongue thoughts [as beach house play 'I'll take care of you']
wonder what lyric I will choose as the title of this post, wonder if we will get more blog hits because of talking about a specific band, wonder why my friend zoe doesn't like them that much
figure that old fans might be upset because they played lots of new music, but rationalised this by the fact that the new album is rad
at one point considered that life might not really get much better than this or, that this was probably the fullest my heart had ever felt without a trace of doubt or anxiety, juxtaposed this with an earlier thought about humans attending concerts is a generally weird experience, laughed at us all a little bit, though largely continued to feel feelings of wellbeing (attributed to first sentiments)
raining outside, slight fear that the man sitting next to a drum on the tram might be a weirdie
fell up the escalators at the train station with a big grin. in toilets become retrospectively concerned about pimples that seemed to have established themselves on my face, specifically, painfully, lip-based
listened to atlas sound and animal collective loudly on the train to continue excellent mood
noted rain upon exiting train, entered 'hood mode' in dramatic ipod soundtrack fashion, affirmed my street was void of people and danced home to this


  1. i wonder how one dances "in an indie fashion"

    also this is nice

  2. Awesome! This is great. Really lovely :)
    I can't wait to see Beach House at Laneway!