Monday, March 14, 2011


there are two rats that live under my house
they dig up the potatoes in our garden
i do not mind though
i want them to have my potatoes
i want them to live and be happy
even though i'm not sure if rats experience complex emotions

is happiness a complex emotion

i imagine that the rats living under my house
are in a long term monogamous relationship

i imagine that they feel a sense of love
and attachment to one another
and also have the same taste
in movies and literature

i hope they have a warm nest
and plan to have lots of rat babies
in the near future

as long as they don't come in to my house
that would scare the shit out of me
one day
when i am cooking dinner
or in bed on my laptop
or something

i googled rats and it said they are a threat
to new zealand's many native birds

i hope they are not killing our many native birds
if they are then maybe
i would not feel so blase
about letting them eat my potatoes

i don't think people really care
about rats
and that makes me feel kind of sad

many things make me feel kind of sad

but mostly it's rat apathy



  1. I can never seem to read your poems without looking at something in a different way afterwards.

    Loves it-- but then again, I'm not surprised. :)

  2. Aw, thanks, that is such a nice compliment.