Wednesday, March 30, 2011

this reminds me of opening pages of 'person' by sam pink

Sometimes I wonder about what happens if you witness a decently troubling crime. Nothing overly traumatic. Possibly not death. Maybe death. Like, this.

One of those douchebags who whistles at you from his truck/car instead of looking at the [motherfucking] road runs his vehicle into this bus stop, bench and a bin on the corner of the street and he breaks his arm due to it hanging over the side of the door. He is also impaled through the head by a sharp pole type object that wasn't tied down properly in the back. [lecherous males lack work safety scruples]. But this happened 20 seconds after the leering incident. You come over the hill on the road just in time to see it happening, a little ways ahead.

Are you a witness? Do you feature at all in the investigation of the police? Or are you just the passerby that the news interviews for a brief shocking eyewitness account of the "tragedy" - 'it happened so quickly' etc. Obviously, it is bad, this guy had family, but your only memory of him is that he was a salivating moron.

I often envision such freak accidents. It seems like things are just as likely to go wrong as they are to go right. Do people do this? Think of the worst possible thing that could happen and - when it doesn't happen - try to detach your reality from the scariness of tragedy, strengthen your fast-cementing sense of [though rationally nonexistent] invincibility.

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  1. i do this sometimes, but not really in this scenario